Weepy Mess

makes me cry these days. A smile from a neighbor, a sappy commercial, a cat gif, it’s ridiculous.
I’ve been keeping an outward calm and composed appearance for my kids but, man it’s been really thought keeping it together.



Wow. We have barely been here 2 months and we get hit with this. My stomach is in knots, I’m still shaking yet trying to be happy and calm wight eh kids. Every time the wind blows the tree, I have to resist the urge to grab the kids to duck and run. 


When will the anxiety cease? We are lucky to have zero injuries and no structural damage (that we’re aware of) to our home. I’m so grateful for our neighbors who came knocking on our door moments after it happened. They check on us periodically and are  giving us lots of hugs, even when their own homes are far worse off than ours. 

I knew that moving to California would be a new adventure but I was not prepared for this. 

I started this blog at the insistence and urging of some of my BK friends but I wasn’t very comfortable truly expressing myself in such a public forum, but thing have changed and the only way I can release these wild emotions is through here.


Going to go for a walk and do an early evening check in with my neighbors. Stay tuned

It’s only the second week of school and we have received 2 notes home. Moving across country has been extremely difficult for us all, but my son is having an extremely hard time settling in.

I know that this too shall pass, but it breaks my heart to see him floundering. I am trying to be the best advocate for him, but navigating IEPs and learning the nuances of an new school district and it’s bureaucracy has been a huge challenge.

Every morning as he heads into class, my heart seizes with fear. I pray that his anxiety relents and that his true personality shines through. He is such a sweet, funny and gentle soul. Once the kids see him for who he truly is, they’ll love him.

I thought parenting would get easier as they grow older, but it’s just the opposite. Sleep deprivation is nothing compared to this agony…


With all the packing and organizing, I’ve decided to cull through my yarn stash and finish some old WIPs that have been collecting dust for years.

I found this Twinkle vintage baby cardigan that I started in 2010 and thought it would be an ideal gift for my sister-in-law’s baby girl to be! I only needed to finish the sleeves.

I don’t want to reveal the full image in case my SIL stumbles upon this lil blog o’ mine but I hope she will love it!


Back to School!

One if the many difference between NY and Napa is the school calendar. In NYC, schools starts after Labor Day but today was the first day! My little girl is starting Kinder (that’s what they call it here) and by big boy is going to second.

The schools are spread out on a wide campus with open air hallways which is a welcome change. The kids also spend lots if time outside, with 2 recess sessions daily. Unfortunately, the arts are not fully integrated into the curriculum. Either way my little ones were so excited!


The best part was at theend of the day when they were so happy to see each other and share their days. It just makes me so happy to see how much they love and care for each other.