Wow. We have barely been here 2 months and we get hit with this. My stomach is in knots, I’m still shaking yet trying to be happy and calm wight eh kids. Every time the wind blows the tree, I have to resist the urge to grab the kids to duck and run. 


When will the anxiety cease? We are lucky to have zero injuries and no structural damage (that we’re aware of) to our home. I’m so grateful for our neighbors who came knocking on our door moments after it happened. They check on us periodically and are  giving us lots of hugs, even when their own homes are far worse off than ours. 

I knew that moving to California would be a new adventure but I was not prepared for this. 

I started this blog at the insistence and urging of some of my BK friends but I wasn’t very comfortable truly expressing myself in such a public forum, but thing have changed and the only way I can release these wild emotions is through here.


Going to go for a walk and do an early evening check in with my neighbors. Stay tuned


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