Snail Mail my Email

For all you snail mail lovers, it’s that time again to sign up for snail mail my email. Due to the overwhelming popularity of last year, you can only submit letters for 4 days, starting tomorrow. Check it out here



So for the new year I’ve decided to set some creative goals for myself and one of the first ones is quilting. Thanks to Google and YouTube, I’ve started out on my first quilting adventure! Here are some pictures of my progress thus far:






New Year, New Goals

I’m not a resolution type of gal, but I do try to live with purpose and set intentions. I don’t wait till the beginning of the year. In fact, especially with the move, I’ve been trying to constantly remain mindful of my thoughts and keep them positive. Being homesick and sad is an easy down spiral and if I want to truly appreciate and settle in here, I need to make sure I am always positive and working towards that goal.

Having crafting and project goals like the #yearofmaking and with the Goodreads annual reading challenge (I came close but fell 8 books short this year). So here’s trying again!

On the Needles

Without fail every holiday season brings a crafting halt. It’s been almost 11 years since my mother passed, but the struggle to celebrate the holidays continues.

Yesterday, I finally cast on a hat. It will be my warm up entry for the Stash and Burn podcast 15 hats in 2015 KAL. Not only will I work decreasing my stash but also working off my ever growing Ravelry queue.

I’m not the best at setting resolutions but I do enjoy challenges and I will also do the #yearofmaking.

Pen Pal Love

In addition to knitting, I am a huge fan of mail art and letter writing. I love the entire process of sitting down with beautiful stationery, a lovely pen and sending a thoughtful note from a friend far away. I have pen pals whom I’ve never met in real life and I have friends Ive known for years who also appreciate the gift of a handwritten letter.

One of the new hobbies I’ve picked up along the way is listening to podcasts while knitting and writing letters, so it was such a delight to see that this week’s episode of This American Life was all about pen pals!  Please take a listen and think about dropping a note, a postcard a teabag, anything to someone. It’s such a thrill finding a nice note amongst the bills and catalogs. And it’s even better knowing how much it will mean to the recipient!
This American Life – Episode 246: Pen Pals