New Year, New Goals

I’m not a resolution type of gal, but I do try to live with purpose and set intentions. I don’t wait till the beginning of the year. In fact, especially with the move, I’ve been trying to constantly remain mindful of my thoughts and keep them positive. Being homesick and sad is an easy down spiral and if I want to truly appreciate and settle in here, I need to make sure I am always positive and working towards that goal.

Having crafting and project goals like the #yearofmaking and with the Goodreads annual reading challenge (I came close but fell 8 books short this year). So here’s trying again!


On the Needles

Without fail every holiday season brings a crafting halt. It’s been almost 11 years since my mother passed, but the struggle to celebrate the holidays continues.

Yesterday, I finally cast on a hat. It will be my warm up entry for the Stash and Burn podcast 15 hats in 2015 KAL. Not only will I work decreasing my stash but also working off my ever growing Ravelry queue.

I’m not the best at setting resolutions but I do enjoy challenges and I will also do the #yearofmaking.

Our Stuff is here!

Adjusting to California living has been really hard for me. Especially pacing the floors of our practically vacant home with two little ones lacking friends or things to do.

And now, I wish I could eat those words as I am swimming in a sea of boxes, laundry and stuff.

Some of the things meant for donations and textile recycling made it’s way into that ginormous truck! Like a box of open cat litter for the cat we re-homed in Brooklyn. Oh and my water bottle that I was drinking out of on moving day. It was half full!!!!

And now I begin the great purge/ decluttering post move. I think we’ll have the best welcome to the neighborhood garage sale that Napa has ever seen!


The countdown has begun. There’s no turning back. In 10 days, all of my things will be shoved in boxes by random strangers and and driven 3,000 miles into the abyss. The suburbs. I am a Brooklyn girl through and through so nothing could be worse than leaving the city that never sleeps to the land of little boxes.

My friends suggested that I start this blog so to share this adventure. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!